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Art – Mental Health North East: As time goes on I have come to increasingly believe that the most important aspect of art is the doing.

Yes, it’s lovely to end up with a painting or drawing that you are proud of but the process is what is of greatest importance. The process of

  • creating something
  • the decision making
  • the problem solving(or not!)
  • the lovely messiness of art

That is the real joy. It’s not always a comfortable process and it’s not, for me, relaxing in any sense – far too much concentration involved, but ultimately making things makes me happy. 

Art Mental Health North East
Art Mental Health North East, Trees

Art – Mental Health North East – Creativity

Drawing, painting and other forms of creativity are immersive processes. They demand attention and focus. In giving energy and time to those processes the issues of the world outside are, temporarily at least, subdued.

When you are fully engaged with making or doing with discovering what happens if…then other concerns retreat, anxieties about the future are quietened. 

Art will always be there for you

However, that said, being creative takes an amount of energy. Energy is finite. Sometimes life gets in the way of art.

It may be hard to find a space both mental and physical where it is possible to allow yourself to wonder,  to ponder or explore.

I think this is part of the process. At times art is there. In the forefront. However, other times it resides in the background.

Simliarly, it is about going at it with drive and enthusiasm and other times it is important to let ideas form. To mull over gently.

There Should Not Be Guilt

I often hear, ‘I must do’…, ‘I should…’ but art will always be there for you. Art will be there

  • if you need it
  • when you need it
  • when you are ready to engage with it

Art is a demanding and critical but supportive friend. 

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